Study Overview

Unearth Root Cause is a study for individuals who have undiagnosed neuromuscular symptoms. If you choose to participate and are eligible, you’ll answer some questions and complete a series of physical tests at home.

After you share your results with us, a University of California at San Francisco-affiliated (UCSF), board-certified neurologist will review them and we’ll provide you with a free report to discuss with your doctor.

By participating in this study, you’ll have access to a report that can help you understand more about your symptoms.

This is a free study. All activities are provided to you at no cost and won’t be billed to you or your insurance company.

What to expect

The Unearth Root Cause study has 3-4 steps.

1. Screening - You’ll complete a brief survey about how certain symptoms may be affecting your daily life.

2. Physical Tests - If you’re eligible and agree to participate, you’ll complete a series of physical tests at home and record your results. A UCSF-affiliated, board-certified neurologist will review the results, and we’ll send you their report. This report will be helpful as you work with your own doctor to find the reason for the symptoms you’re experiencing. If you don’t have a physician, we may be able to send you a list of available physicians in your area.

3. Follow-up - If you meet the study criteria, we’ll send you follow-up emails for up to 1 year to learn how it’s going with your doctor. When you’ve met all study requirements, we’ll email you a $50 electronic gift card.

4. Optional Additional Study Participation - Eligible participants, as determined by the Unearth Root Cause study, can also participate in a partnership study sponsored by PicnicHealth. In the PicnicHealth study, with strict privacy protection, participants may consent to have their past medical records organized into an easy-to-read format and reviewed for healthcare patterns.